3 Skincare Steps To Help Prevent Dry Skin In Winter

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I have been on a quest to develop a skincare regimen especially with the dry, cold weather that winter brings.  I already have normal to dry skin so, frigid temps and gruesome wind doesn't help at all.  However, I have been trying my best to incorporate a few steps that have helped my skin to stay soft and moisturized.

Here's what's helped...

1.)  Exfoliating

-Exfoliating, which simply means to remove the top layer of skin which is full of dull, dry, and dead skin cells, has been one of the key factors in keeping my skin soft.  You can opt for a physical exfoliator that contains microbeads of some sort or a chemical exfoliator that contains a chemical such as glycolic acid.  Microbeads can be abrasive to the skin and can further irritate acne-prone skin.  However, chemical exfoliants aren't abrasive to the skin.  Yet, the use of chemical exfoliants makes the skin more sensitive to the sun.  So, it's important to use a sunscreen when using glycolic acids.

2.)  Moisturizing

-Moisture is always key to keeping the skin youthful and vibrant.  I used to just put regular body lotion on my face and call it a day but lately, I have been using a face moisturizer.  I have found that using a moisturizer specifically for my face has helped to keep my face more moisturized than regular lotion did.  There are several kinds of moisturizers out there for all of your face needs and for all of the different skin types.

3.)  Applying Oils

-It may sound odd to apply oil to your face but facial oil is actually good for your skin. Facial oils can be used for daily hydration, balancing, reviving, and rejuvenating the skin.  Oil can be applied before applying your moisturizer.  To apply, I find it best to put a few drops into the palm of your hand and pat the oil into your skin instead of rubbing it.  I feel that patting the oil into my skin has helped to achieve better absorption.  By the way, oils are not just good for dry skin but for all skin types, even you oily girls. 

Sidenote: I recently found Rosehip oil at TJ Maxx.  So, make sure the next time you are in TJ Maxx or Marshall's, check the skincare section because they carry lots of skincare products.  You'll definitely find some of the more expensive brands there for a much more affordable price.

Skin with no makeup

Skin with no makeup

If you have any skincare tips or products you love, let us all know below!  Sharing is caring girlfriend!

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