What My First Year of Blogging Taught Me

1 year blogiversary

It has officially been 1 year of blogging here on JIMS and in one sense, I feel like "wow it's already been a year!?"  In another sense, I feel like "Geez, it's only been a year!?"  This first year of blogging has been filled with ups and downs, uncertainties and certainties.  With every passing week of putting out blog posts, I have learned many lessons that I would like to share with you.

  If you have ever stepped out on faith to start anything, whether it be a blog or a business, you will hopefully relate to some of these lessons.  I hope these lessons encourage some and inform others.

Here's what I learned...

1.)  Not everyone will support you.

Sad to say, but I've learned that not everyone will support you.  Sometimes, the people you may have thought would be the most supportive turns out to be the least supportive.  However, it's best to acknowledge those that support and don't worry about the ones that don't.  There's no need focusing energy on those that never like, share, comment, or read anything you post.  You'll need that energy to put towards your next blog post and to keep you going.  

2.)  You'll have silent supporters.

I have had several people come to me in person or even to my husband and say how much they love my blog and my style when I had no idea they even knew I had a blog!  Not every supporter will be vocal.  Some may never like, comment, or share your posts but they are still reading and loving what you put out.  This has taught me to keep posting because I never know who is being blessed or inspired by something I've written or an outfit I've shared.  

3.)  Sometimes you have to encourage yourself!

It's just that simple.  Sometimes, you will have to be your own encourager.  I have had several moments throughout this year where I have felt like, "Ooo they gonna love this outfit!" or "Oooo today's blog is really going to hit home with someone!"  But instead, I hear crickets and I am left to wonder did anyone even look at this post?  It's in those times that I have to remind myself to keep going and don't get discouraged.  I tell myself, "The outfit was cute even if it wasn't everyone's favorite.  You liked it and it felt good to you and that's all that matters."  Or, "the blog post came from your heart and even if it only resonates with one person, it was honest and pure."

4.)  Don't compare!

Comparison is a lesson that I've not only learned in blogging but in life in general.  It's so easy to compare yourself to others and to see their success and feel either inadequate or even envious.  Yet, I've learned, that what's for me is for me!  God has enough blessings to go around and he hasn't forgotten about me.  In His perfect timing, he'll open the doors and grant the opportunities that are right for me.  A blessing at the wrong time will not be a blessing but a burden.  So, wait your turn girlfriend and don't compare!

5.)  It's not as easy as it looks.

Listen, when I started this blog, I thought the hardest part of all this was designing my website, but let me tell you something, that was the easiest part!  There's so much that goes into putting out consistent content each week.  From putting outfits together, taking pictures, finding someone to take pictures, editing, writing, emails, social media, brainstorming, and the list goes on.  This whole blogging thing is a lot of work, which is why most blogs fail within their first year of existence (whew, I made it through the first year!)  In a nutshell, there's more to all of this than looking pretty and taking pictures.  However, it's all rewarding and worth it in the end when you see everything come together.

6.)  Some people will unfollow you or unsubscribe and that's ok.

I remember the first time someone unsubscribed to my blog.  My little feelings were so hurt.  As time went on, I learned that I'm totally ok with people unfollowing or unsubscribing because at the end the day, I want loyal followers and subscribers; people who actually care about the content I put out.  I'd rather have a few followers full of loyal readers than a ton of followers full of no readers.  Quality over quantity.

7.)  Consistency really is key!

I have heard the saying over and over that consistency is key.  In this past year of blogging more than any other time in my life, I think this saying rang loudest.  If you want people to take you seriously, you have to be consistent!  Whether it's been consistency in how often I post blogs or in the type of content I share, I have had to make sure that there weren't major variations.  I couldn't post once a week for several months straight and then go ghost for a few weeks then pop back on the scene like I never left.  Neither could I start out blogging about fashion, particularly sneaker style and also makeup, hair, and inspiration and then one day all of a sudden start blogging about the latest celebrity gossip.  I had to stay consistent so that people a.) didn't forget my blog existed and b.) knew where to come to find sneaker style inspiration.  People like consistency and so do I!

Thank you to all of you that have supported me and this blog over the past year!  I truly appreciate every one of you that have read, liked, commented, or shared!  It means so much to me.  Cheers to 1 year down and many more to go!

Love, peace, and sole!


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