It Only Takes A Spark

I'm reminded of a song from my childhood that I vividly remember the last time I was forced to sing it in church.  I was about 11 or 12, not much of a singer, but could hold a note.  On one of those "in the spur of the moment" occasions, I was forced by my parents to sing alongside one of my sisters and cousin.  And there I stood singing with all the pre-teen attitude I could muster up.

It only takes a spark

To get a fire going

And soon all those around

Can warm up in its glowing

That's how it is with God's love

Once you've experienced it

You spread His love to ev'ryone

You want to pass it on

The words of the song that I sang with so much angst years ago now penetrates my heart with such vigor.  It reminds me that it doesn't take much to make a lasting impact and that when we've tasted the goodness of God, we ought to share it with someone even if the platform we've been given to share it is small.

About a year ago, I had a conversation with someone close to me asking my advice on what I thought about her starting a blog to tell her story with the hopes of reaching others through her testimony.  My response was, "That's a great idea but do you really need to create this platform?  You already have a platform with your children and your friends, family, and church members.  Have you considered sharing your story with them first?"

As I shared my thoughts with her, something awakened in her and in myself that made us both realize that in today's society, we seek to help the masses while ignoring the few.  It's so easy to set up a blog or make a quick inspirational video to share with the world on social media telling our stories, while those who see us every day like our coworkers, friends, and even our children have no idea what our testimonies are.  We are surrounded by people in our everyday lives that we have the ability to make an impact on, but yet, it's so easy to overlook those opportunities.  

What if we never get the large social following?  What if our videos or blog posts never go viral?  What if we never get the mic and the stage?  What if the lights are never shined on us?

Will that little spark in us die out or will we go on anyway to pass it on?

You, me, EVERYONE has a platform by which to share our successes, failures, and life lessons.  No one person walks this earth alone.  We all come in contact with someone every day and that someone or someones maybe the platform God has given you to inspire and encourage to tell of His love, goodness, and kindness.  

Sometimes we are simply just the spark that will light the fire in others.  You never know the impact your spark can have on others and how big of a fire you can help to create just by sharing the love of God to those around you.  

My mom and I recently talked about how when she was over our youth ministry when my siblings and I were children, that she wasn't sure if the youth were getting what she and the other youth leaders were sharing with us.  Now, as we are all adults, she sees the fruit of the seeds that were planted all those years ago.  Had she and the other youth leaders that helped to pour into us not started a spark in us, the fire that burns within us would not exist.

So, if you have experienced God's love over the course of your life and you want to share it with others, be encouraged to start with your spouse, children, cousins, coworkers, etc.  You don't need a large following, a stage, or any large platform.  Start with those around you.  And even if you don't see the fire right away, just know that you may have ignited the spark for a future fire.

It only takes a spark...

Love, peace, and sole!