Happy 2nd Birthday Joy In My Soles!

second year blogiversary

This Sunday, September 9th marks the second birthday of Joy In My Soles!  This second year of blogging has been filled with many ups and downs.  Many times this year I have questioned should I continue to blog and if my heart was still in it.  I really had to take a step back and re-evaluate my "why" for starting this blog.  

What I came to discover is that my "why" remains the same, but some of my goals for JIMS have changed.  I realized I had gotten caught up into what other bloggers were doing and accomplishing and somehow allowed their success to become my desires.  However, when I really thought about some of their successes, I realized that some of those things really weren't what I wanted and that's ok.  

I'm now on my own path of what success with Joy In My Soles looks like and what I want to give through JIMS and get out of continuing JIMS.  So, here's to year 2 in the books and year 3 on the horizon!

Many thanks to all of my Sole Sistas and Brothas who have been apart of the last 2 years of JIMS.  Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, commented, or shared a Joy In My Soles post or picture.  I truly appreciate your support!

So, to look back over the last year and gear up for a new year, I'm sharing some of my fave fashion, makeup, hair, and inspiration posts.  Reminisce with me or catch up on posts you may have missed this last year.  If you have a favorite outfit or any post from year 2 of JIMS, please share it in the comments!

As always....

Love, peace, and sole!


Some of my fave fashion posts of year 2

Some of my fave beauty posts of year 2

Some of my fave hair posts of year 2

Some of my fave inspiration posts of year 2