3 Ways I'm Getting Intentional In 2018

For the last several years, I have taken time out at the end of every year to jot down goals for the year to come.  I'm sure many of you can attest to doing this same thing.  Each year, I plan to read more, workout more, eat better...you know all things that you probably plan to do as well.  And well, I have found myself to be successful at some, somewhat successful at others, and just down right a failure at a few of those goals (just being honest). 

 However, this past year, as I sat down to write out my goals and plan for the year to come, the word intentional kept coming to mind.  This time around, I didn't just want to write out my goals and do my "best" to make them happen.  I wanted to be intentional about making sure I set myself up for being successful at accomplishing these goals.  

In previous years, I really thought I was doing something just to have the goals written down.  However, the reality was, I had hardly revisited the list throughout the year and I had not even made a plan as to how I would accomplish the goals.  I wasn't being intentional...at. all.

I mean, I wanted to read more but had not even picked out or even thought about books I wanted to read.  I wanted to workout more but didn't get specific with when I would workout or what kind of workouts I wanted to do.  I wanted to eat better but never made out a grocery list to be sure that I was at least doing my best to get food that was healthier for me.  (I say "at least doing my best" because y'all know how it is when you go to the store with a list and still end up with a whole bunch of stuff you didn't plan to purchase.  Help me Lord!)  I was basically writing out goals and hoping for the best.

This year though, I'll be pursuing my goals with intent.  No longer throwing my goals up into the air and expecting them to get accomplished through osmosis.  Here's three ways I plan to be intentional this year...

1.)  I'm going to plan ahead- Whether it's planning my meals ahead of time, planning my day with my to-do list, or planning my workouts for the week, I need to plan ahead of time for optimal success.

2.)  I will cut back on time spent doing low value activities- I am guilty of spending too much wasted time on social media, on my computer, or watching tv.  Wasting energy doing those things first while my to-do list filled with high value tasks that will help me accomplish my goals in the long run, waits for me to get to it.

3.)  I will the do research- I'm always trying to know and grow.  The best way to do that is reading books and articles that have info that will help me gain the knowledge I need and to also seek out people who are knowledgeable in that particular area.  Sometimes we have goals that we know what we want the end point to be but we don't know how to get there.  There's so much we can learn just by doing a bit of research and building relationships with other like-minded individuals.

So, I challenge you also to go after your goals this year or just life in general by being intentional.  Write out your goals, make vision boards, get a plan together, pray, and go after whatever it is you desire.  Whether it be your personal goals, goals as a parent, business goals or whatever, don't just say what you want to do or want to accomplish but set out to be intentional about accomplishing your goals.  

Love, peace, and sole!