8 Tools Every Natural Girl Needs

tools for natural hair
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If you are a natural girl, you know that there are several tools that you need to help tame your mane.  Products are super important but without the necessary tools, your hair will be just a plain...mess.  So, what are those tools?  I'm glad you asked.  Here are 8 tools every natural girl needs.

1.)  Wide Tooth Comb or Detangler

-Detangling is an important step in managing natural hair.  To detangle, you can either use your fingers or a detangling tool such as a wide tooth comb.  Other options include a Tangle Teezer, which I personally like to use to lay my hair down in a low ponytail, and a Denman brush, which is awesome at detangling.

2.)  Rat Tail Comb

-Mannn rat tail combs have been a staple in my home since I could remember.  You may relate.  So I'm sure you may already have one.  When it comes to rat tail combs and natural hair, they are simply used for parting your hair.  They should NEVER be used to detangle natural hair!  If used to comb out your hair, if it doesn't break first (I'm certainly guilty of breaking a comb or two), it will definitely pull out your hair and possibly damage it.  The teeth on the comb are just too small to detangle.  


3.)  Satin Bonnet and/or Satin Pillowcase

-Natural hair can be very dry and sleeping on cotton pillowcases can dry out the hair even more.  Satin bonnets and/or pillowcases can help to keep moisture locked into your hair at night while sleeping.  If you have a hard time remembering to put on a bonnet or just don't like to sleep with something on your head, a satin pillowcase will most likely be best for you.  

4.)  Hair Clips

-Hair clips are important especially for longer hair.  Since I have so much hair, I have to deal with my hair in sections.  Hair clips are very helpful in keeping your hair in it's separate areas so that you can deal with each section at a time.


5.)  Bobby pins

-Most of us know the value of bobby pins.  Bobby pins are essential for pinning your hair up, pinning your hair back, or creating styles.


6.)  Hats

-Oh girl, in this natural life, you will need a hat!  Hats will save your life on those "it's time to wash your hair but you don't have time" days.  Hats will also save you on the days you wash your hair but it's still in twists or braids or whatever style you are planning to achieve.  Don't get me wrong, you can also use hats for fashion and style.

7.) Old Toothbrush

-Sooo if you haven't noticed, baby hair has made a major comeback.  To achieve those "fleeky" baby hairs, you need a small, soft brush like an old toothbrush.  Even if you aren't seeking to achieve slayed baby hairs, you can still use an old toothbrush to lay the hairs of your hairline down when you are seeking to achieve a sleek ponytail.

8.) Ponytail Holders

-If you have enough hair for a ponytail, you will need good ponytail holders.  Be sure to get ponytail holders that will not snag and pull out your hair.  


If there's anything I left out, help the other sistas out by commenting below.  Any questions or comments please leave them below!

Love, peace, and sole!