3 Leave-in Conditioners You Must Try

3 leave-in conditioners you must try

Shampoo.  Deep condition.  Rinse out deep conditioner.  Apply leave-in.  That's how all of my wash days typically start.  Most of us typically have shampoo and conditioner in our wash day routines, but what about leave-in conditioner?

Having a leave-in conditioner in your hair regimen is a must.  But what exactly is a leave-in conditioner and why must you have it in your hair regimen?  I'll answer those questions and share with you 3 leave-in conditioners I am currently loving that you should try.

What is a leave-in conditioner?

A leave-in conditioner is simply that, a conditioner you leave-in and don't rinse out.  It is typically applied to clean hair after rinsing out your deep conditioner.  Leave-in conditioners can come in different forms such as a spray or cream and are typically a thinner and lighter formulation than rinse out conditioners.

Leave-ins differ from rinse out conditioners because they are made to condition the hair's outer layers, while deep conditioners aim to penetrate the deeper layers of the hair.  A good leave-in will successfully help to maintain the moisture your deep conditioner worked so hard for your hair to achieve.

Why do you need to use a leave-in conditioner?

There are several reasons your hair can benefit from the use of a leave-in.  So, let's get right to it...

1.)  Moisturizes

-As previously stated, leave-in conditioners help to add and maintain moisture.  Natural hair is drier than any other hair texture.  Our hair NEEDS all the moisture it can get to maintain it's health.

2.)  Softens

-As our hair drys, it can tend to feel hard to the touch.  A good leave-in will help to keep the hair soft and manageable.

3.)  Preps hair for styling

-Just like in polishing your nails where you typically start by using a base coat on your nail, when styling your hair, you also want to start with a nice base for your hair.  Leave-in conditioners provide a great base for styling products such as cream moisturizers, gels, or whatever styling product of your choice.

4.)  Detangles

-A leave-in with a good slip can cause tangles to slip on out which prevents breakage and makes styling much easier.

5.)  Combats frizz

-Whether you are rocking a wash and go, twist out, or braid out, you want the best definition you can possibly attain.  Using a leave-in helps you achieve a more defined style and keeps frizz at bay.

3 Leave-ins You Must Try

-Now that you are a little more acquainted with leave-in conditioners, let's talk about a few that I would suggest you try.  All three of these leave-ins have great slip which just basically means, they glide through your hair very easily.  I have used each of these in wash and go's, twist outs, and braid outs.  With each style, I have loved how these leave-ins worked.  Do note though, just because these products worked for my hair texture, these may not be the best for you.  Natural hair is trial and error so you may try these and they work or you may try them and they fail.  Either way,  I'm mentioning these because I think they are worth the trial.

**You can purchase either of these by clicking on their picture.

Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In Conditioner

-Comes in a spray bottle.  Has a very thin consistency.  I was very skeptical about the consistency and the fact that it is in a spray bottle and I didn't think it would work well, but once I used it, I fell in love.  However, if you are in to wearing a leave-in and no other product, I don't think this is the product for you.  This works best in combination with other stylers.


Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner

-This is the weirdest leave-in consistency because it's in a spray bottle but it does not come out as a liquid.  It amazes me every time, but it works very well and has amazing slip.  This leave-in also smells really good and is available in 8 oz and 16 oz bottles.


Aunt Jackie's Quench Moisture Intensive Leave-In Conditioner

-I love this leave-in!  It has amazing slip and really helps to quench my curls.  It works really great for any hairstyle especially wash and go's.  It's also really great for detangling.


If you don't have a leave-in conditioner in your hair regimen, consider adding one.  Hopefully you will see the difference it makes in your hair.  Have a favorite leave-in that you use?  Leave it below in the comments.  I'm always looking for product recommendations.  Help a sista out!

Love, peace, and sole!