7 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Hair

Everyone can have healthy and thriving hair.  Having healthy hair doesn't necessarily mean that you'll eventually have tailbone length hair but it does mean that you'll have hair that looks and feels good at any length.  

Though there are tons of things you can do to improve the health of your hair, here are 7 ways you can improve the health of your hair right now.  These tips may or may not be new to you.  If they aren't new, hopefully after reading this you'll be inspired to continue keeping your hair healthy or get inspired to get back on track to healthy hair if you've fallen off the wagon.  

So, let's get into this...

1.)  Trim your ends

-Having your ends trimmed just gives your hair so much life!  Trimming your ends will rid your hair of those annoying single strand knots, split, dry, and just plain old dead ends.  If you are a natural girl, your curls will improve and fall much better after a fresh trim.  It's best to trim your ends every 6 months to a year or as needed.  Please, please, please, don't hold on to ends that need trimming just to retain length.  Girlfriend, go ahead and let it go if it needs to go!  Ok?  Ok!

2.)  Stop using heat

-Heat in moderation is fine but heat on a regular basis will destroy the health of your hair.  Using heat too often will change the texture of curly hair if you're natural, thin your hair, and dry your hair out.  Sometimes it's hard to notice if heat is effecting your hair until you stop using it for an extended amount of time.  For example, back in college I had my hair straightened multiple times a year.  Now, I only straighten once a year.  I can definitely see the difference in the texture and fullness of my hair.  It's much healthier now than it was then.

3.)  Deep condition

-Deep conditioning is so important to maintaining the health of your hair.  It can help to moisturize, strengthen, restore, and soften your mane to just name a few benefits.  If you haven't already, add deep conditioning to your regular hair regimen.

4.) Moisturize

-When your hair is dry, it is more prone to breakage.  So, keeping your hair moisturized is important to prevent breakage and to keep your hair from having that dry, straw feeling.  To moisturize your hair, apply water and your favorite combination of moisturizing leave-in conditioners, hair milks, and oils.  Moisturize your hair as often as needed being sure to focus on your ends which tend to be the oldest and driest part of your hair.  

5.)  Decrease manipulation

-The more combing, brushing, pulling, and tugging that you do on your hair, the more likely it is to break off and become damaged.  Now, don't get me wrong, don't be out here without a combed head.  Mmmkay?  But, however, don't over do it.  Give your hair a break sometimes by wearing protective styles or just simply cut back on the daily combing, brushing, and changing up your hair styles.

6.)  Improve your diet

-I know.  I know.  You're prob thinking, what does my diet have to do with my hair?  A LOT!  Our hair, skin, nails, etc. are an outward view of what's happening on the inside of our bodies.  The more we feed our bodies proper nutrients, the more nutrients our hair will have to thrive.  When we are not properly nourished and our bodies are unhealthy, we can start to see our hair thin.  Eat good, feel good, and have healthy hair!

7.)  Drink more water

-Water is good for us in more ways than one but since we're talking hair, it's definitely good for maintaining the health of your hair.  A dehydrated body will lead to a dehydrated scalp and hair.  Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp.  Drinking enough water helps to keep your scalp healthy and can prevent flaking and dandruff.  Daily water intake will differ per person depending on weight and physical activity.  

Wishing you the best on this healthy hair journey!  Have any questions or comments?  Let me know below!

Love, peace, and sole!