7 Products Every Natural Girl Needs

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I have been natural (without a "perm" or relaxer) for 16 years.  Crazy right!?  Over this period of time, I have learned so much about not just my hair but natural hair in general.  What I've learned is that there are at least 7 products every natural girl needs.  Even if you aren't natural, at least some of these products are needed for your hair too.  I linked some products I am currently using or have used in the past.

1.)  Water

This may go without saying but you NEED water!  I'm not talking internal water, which by the way is important for your body and the health of your hair, but externally, your hair needs water.  Water is key for so many reasons, like, shampooing, moisture, rinsing, styling, etc.  

2.)  Shampoo

Shampoo is important for cleansing your hair and removing all the dirt and product build up.  There are two different types of shampoos I would recommend.  One is a clarifying shampoo and the second is a moisturizing shampoo.  Clarifying shampoos offer a deeper clean than your average shampoo.  With that being said, clarifying shampoos can leave your hair feeling a bit dry and brittle.  Moisturizing shampoos cleanse your hair while not stripping your hair of its natural oils and leaving it feeling too dry. 

3.)  Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners work to penetrate the hair shaft to restore and retain moisture.  Deep conditioning also works to repair dry, damaged hair.  Breakage happens when the hair is dry and lacks moisture.  Deep conditioners provide moisture to the hair at a deeper level to prevent any future breakage.

4.)  Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is important because it helps to lock in moisture.  It also helps to detangle and tame frizz.  A good leave-in conditioner will leave your hair softer and more manageable.  What natural girl doesn't want that!?

5.)  Styling Cream or Hair Milk

Styling cream or hair milk, if not too heavy or greasy, can be used daily.  A styling cream or hair milk can be used for twist outs, braid outs, up-dos, etc.  Since moisture is key to healthy, natural hair, a styling cream or hair milk is necessary for hydration and moisture and for defining your curls.

6.)  Oils

Oils help to seal in the moisture added to your hair.  Oils can also help to soften your hair and add shine.  There are many types of oils such as coconut, olive, and argan oil.  You can use just one or mix several oils together.  Each oil serves a different purpose and will have a different affect on your natural strands.

7.)  Edge Control or Gel

Everyone wants "snatched" edges these days.  The best way to lay those edges down is with an edge control product or gel.  Edge control or gel is great for ponytails, puffs, or smooth edges in up-dos.  I personally often wear puffs and buns so laying down my edges helps to make my puff or bun look sleek.  

Do you have any favorite shampoos, conditioners, styling creams, gels, or edge controls?  Let everyone know in the comments below.  Sharing is caring!

Love, peace, and sole!