5 Benefits Of Deep Conditioning

deep conditioning.png

You may or may not realize it but deep conditioning can make a world of difference for your tresses.  Whether you are natural or relaxed, your hair can and will benefit from regular deep conditioning.  I typically deep condition once a week when I wash or cowash my hair and it really has helped to give my hair life. 

Before regular deep conditioning, my hair was feeling very dry and brittle.  Since regular deep conditioning, my hair has felt softer to the touch, more moisturized, and has even seemed to grow.  If your hair seems lifeless, brittle, dull, or dry, here's 5 reasons why you DEFINITELY should be deep conditioning...

1.)  Hydrates

-Deep conditioning helps to add moisture to your hair especially when you have natural hair.  Natural hair tends be on the dryer side and is often in need of moisture to help your curls really pop.  Deep conditioning penetrates the deepest layer of your hair shaft locking in moisture and preventing breakage.

2.)  Softens

-Along with natural, color treated, or relaxed hair sometimes comes coarse and dry hair that isn't so soft to the touch.  A good deep conditioner can soften the hair making it easier to manage.

3.)  Manageability

-As previously stated, deep conditioning can help to make the hair easier to manage by moisturizing and softening the hair.  When deep conditioner is applied, it makes it much easier to comb through and detangle.  

4.)  Repairs

-If your hair has experienced recent breakage or has lost its luster and shine, deep conditioning will help to restore and repair the hair back to health.  By penetrating the hair shaft, deep conditioning provides the hair with the proper nutrients it needs to repair split ends and damage caused by over-processing, heat, and combing.

5.)  Strengthens

-With everyday styling, heat, color, etc. our hair can become weak and more prone to breakage.  Deep conditioners can help to fortify and strengthen the strands of your hair.  Deep conditioners that contain protein are great for strengthening.

See?  Deep conditioning is where it's at if you want healthy, flourishing hair whether relaxed or natural.  If you haven't already, make deep conditioning apart of your hair regimen because I mean, who doesn't want hair that looks amazing!?

Let me know what your favorite deep conditioners are below in the comments!

Love, peace, and sole!