10 Tips To Help You Achieve A Successful Wash And Go

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I have been on a quest to achieve a successful wash and go.  I must say that I finally think I have been successful.  For about 3 to 4 weeks, I stepped away from my trusted twist out to attempt wash and go's.  Through trial and error, I was able to achieve a pretty decent wash and go that I actually think looked better in person than in pictures.  I'm still not a pro but I have discovered a few tips that have helped me get better with each wash and go attempt.

And here they are...

1.)  Have realistic expectations of your hair.

-We all see pictures and videos of ladies with the most beautiful curls as a result of a wash and go and we want those same curls and results with our wash and go.  I am ever so guilty of this!  What I had to do was accept the curls that were growing out of my scalp and not covet the curls I see on Instagram and Youtube.  Once I set realistic expectations for my own hair, I was able to feel better about the results of my wash and go's.

2.)  Use products from the same product line.

-Products from the same product line are designed to work together and sometimes may provide better results when used together as opposed to using one product from one brand and a different product from another.

3.)  Try different products to know what works for your hair.

-Just because one product or one set of products didn't work well, doesn't mean wash and go's don't work for you.  You just need to try more products and find what does work.

4.)  Apply enough product and water.

-When applying your styling products to your hair for a wash and go, it's important that you apply enough product and that your hair is super wet.  You don't want to over do it with product though.  You'll know you've applied enough product when you see your curls forming.  If your hair is still looking frizzy after applying product, apply more water and a little more product.  When your hair is still frizzy while wet, when it dries it will remain frizzy.  So, take care of the frizz before your hair dries.

5.)  Use a Denman brush or something similar.

-A Denman brush or it's equivalent helps to clump your curls together.  I definitely noticed a difference in how my curls formed after applying my styling products and running the Denman through my hair.

6.)  Define each curl aka Shingling. 

-Shingling is simply taking each curl and smoothing the applied product down the hair to make sure it's defined.  It's the best way to eliminate frizz and it works really well!  

7.)  Don't touch your hair while drying.

-To prevent frizz, once you have applied your products and shingled, let your hair air dry or diffuse it but keep manipulation of your hair to a minimum.  The more you touch and play with your hair while wet, the more chance of frizz.

8.)  Blow dry the roots or band your hair for length.

-Most of us suffer from a severe case of shrinkage.  Blow drying your roots on a low heat setting when your hair is already about 80-90% dry will help to lengthen your hair and combat shrinkage.  If you don't want to use heat, you can band your hair using ponytail holders and wrapping them all the way down your hair.  If choosing the banding method, I would recommend waiting to do it after your hair is dry.  Be sure to be careful with banding your hair so that you don't disturb your curls and add frizz.

9.)  Pick your hair out for volume.

-Once your hair is dry or almost dry, pick the roots out so that your hair won't be limp and flat.  You can also pick your hair out on your Day 2, 3, etc. hair days for bigger and bigger hair as the days go by.

10.)  If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

-Aaliyah couldn't have said it better.  If you fail at your first, second, or even third attempt, try again.  Adjust your products and/or technique and try again.  Styling natural hair is all about trial and error.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail, but you can always try again.

Leave your questions and comments below!  Happy wash and go'ing!

Love, peace, and sole!