From Heels To Laces: Look At The White Shoes!

Look at the white shoes!  Look at the white shoes!  Y'all remember that from Martin?  Welll, I guess I can say that Jerome, from Martin, kind of inspired this look hehe.  

My mom bought me these white boots for Christmas and of course I just LOVED them!  Now, white shoes are not for the faint of heart.  You have to have a level of boldness to be able to rock a pair of white shoes.  My 8 year old nephew even told me, "No, TeeTee, take those white shoes off!"  I had to inform him that the white boots were in style and they looked really good with my outfit, thank you very much! 

Anyway, let's get into this look...

I randomly found this super cute jumpsuit while I was looking for outfit ideas for a friend of mine.  It's so versatile, which I love, and comfortable.

I also somehow fit this hat over my hair.  The hat is from my brother's line The Loyalty Club! and it made an awesome addition to the look.  

To complete the look, I wore my fave accessories of late, layered chains from Anarchy Street.  I'm actually wearing two sets of layered chains that came together quite nicely.

Photos by my sister, Danica, and brother, Blake

So, what do you think?  Are you bold enough to rock a pair of white boots?  

Love, peace, and sole!