Ruffles, Florals, and Laces

You guys, I fell victim to Instagram marketing....

There I was, scrolling through my timeline on Instagram when I came across a super cute, long, ruffle top.  *CLICK...SCREENSHOT...SEND*...and the screenshot picture of this amazing top was on its way to my sisters and mom in a text message.

Of course, they all loved it and convinced me to get it.  So, I tracked down the Instagram page of the online boutique, clicked through to their website, and purchased.  Right in that moment, I became victim of purchasing something that I saw on Instagram. *Holds head down in shame*

I'm usually pretty good about scrolling on Instagram seeing other bloggers and "influencers" wearing things and I think it's cute but I don't buy it.  I refuse to fall victim to buying all the cute stuff I see on Instagram because Instagram will have you going broke in a second!

But, well, this time they got me and honestly, I. Ain't. Mad. About. It!  This top was so worth it!  It's as cute in person as it was on Instagram.  It photographed well and the outfit came out so bomb.

My Mom gave me the idea to pair the top with floral pants because she's such a major fashionista herself and is responsible for giving input on pretty much everything you see me wear here on JIMS.  

My sisters gave me the idea to change out the shoestrings in my sneakers and to use ribbon laces instead.  I basically went out and bought black, satin ribbon, cut it to a desired length, and threaded my shoes with it (great tip for jazzing up your sneakers).  

I love love LOVE how everything turned out.  What do you think?  Slam it (not feeling it) or jam it (girl, you killed this look!)?  Let me know in the comments!

Whether heels or laces, or anything in between, there's JOY in every SOLE!

Love, peace, and sole!


What I'm Wearing:

Icon's Closet Michela top (sold out but available here)

Old Navy floral pants (no longer available, try these)

Nike Cortez Sneaker


Photos by @kingzson