Unique Mother's Day E-Gift Card Ideas

So, you still need a gift for your mom or that special mother-like figure in your life, and you've waited until the last minute.  You can either head out to the stores now and struggle to find the perfect gift or grab an e-gift card right on your computer that your mother would love and that will save you a headache.

Gift cards can seem thoughtless and simple, but the right gift card can be just as meaningful as any other gift someone can unwrap.  So, I wanted to offer some unique e-gift card ideas that you may have never considered, but that your mom would appreciate.  Be sure to print out the receipt and put it in a nice, meaningful card.

1.)  An airline gift card

-Your mom may need a getaway or maybe she's planning a trip sometime this year.  Look out for her by gifting her a gift card to help cover one of the priciest expenses of her trip.  Head to the website of the airline of her choice to help her fly away.

2.)  Hotels.com

-Gift your mom a nice hotel stay for her next trip or a staycation at the hotel of her choice by giving her a hotels.com gift card.  This is a great way to allow her to choose where she'd like to stay and when, but also, a practical and thoughtful way to help her enjoy some time away.

3.)  Airbnb

-Airbnb is a great way to have more of the comforts of home when you're on vacation or staycation because, well, you're staying in someone's home.  But, don't be freaked out.  There are some amazing Airbnb's out there that are even better than many hotels.  It's also a great way to have plenty of space if you are traveling with lots of people.  Gift your mom an Airbnb gift card so she can plan an all girls weekend getaway with her closest friends.

4.)  Ancestry DNA

-Help your mom to discover her ancestry by gifting her with a gift card from ancestry.com or 23andme.com or any of your favorite ancestry sites.  What's more special than helping your mom discover her roots?  

5.)  Etsy 

-Etsy has a wealth of amazing products.  If your mom is into unique and creative goods, she'd really appreciate an e-gift card to Etsy.  

6.)  Groupon

-Like Tiffany Haddish, help your mom get her skin like "what", her nails like "yes, ma'am", and her face like "hello stranger".  I mean, Groupon has everything so this is a good, practical gift that she can use to do anything from getting a massage to having a tasty meal.

7.)  Ticketmaster

-With summer approaching and summer festivals on the horizon, like Essence Fest, give your mom a gift card to be able to purchase tickets to whatever concert or event of her choice this summer.  There's nothing more memorable or thoughtful than the gift of experiences.

8.)  Uber or Lyft

-Ridesharing is on the rise and a very convenient way to get where you need to be.  Whether your mom needs a ride to the airport, to work, or just around the city, cover her ride to her desired destination with an Uber or Lyft gift card.

9.)  Netflix

-Netflix has been taking over the tv and movie world.  Though Netflix is affordable, it ain't free.  So, if your mom has a Netflix account or would appreciate getting one of her own (cause y'all know we borrow each other's), get her a Netflix gift card so she can continue or start binging on all the bomb Netflix shows.

10.)  Fandango or AMC

-Does your mom love movies?  Get her a gift card for Fandango or AMC where she can get tickets to go see the latest and greatest movies out.  

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!  I hope you enjoy your special day!

Love, peace, and sole!