From Heels To Laces: Velour Is Back!

I would have never thought that velour outfits would make a comeback.  I remember when everyone was rocking velour tracksuits from rappers like Nelly to the everyday Joe Blow or Jane Blow.  Velour "fits" were the thing, especially the Juicy Couture velour suits (y'all remember those!?).  

Well, those super warm, casual, and comfy suits are now back in style and ya girl had to grab one.  I found a super cute velour outfit at the Puma Outlet a little while back.  They were having a MAJOR sale and of course I had to snag this outfit.  

My Mom and I were JUST talking about how I needed to get a velour suit to shoot for JIMS (she's so stylish!) and literally like the next day or so, I spot this one.  

I decided to make it a From Heels To Laces look to show how versatile velour tracksuits can be.  First up, is the look with heels in which I copped these cute and chunky heels for just $15 at H&M.  I know H&M has been tripping lately, but I LOVE these boots.  They are super comfortable and have worked very well in this Chicago snow (see a pic of me rocking them in the snow here).

I paired the outfit with a thin, maroon turtleneck top and accessorized with a necklace.

How do you feel about velour tracksuits making a comeback?  Would you slam it (not feeling it) or jam it (would definitely rock a velour suit)?  Let me know your thoughts below!

Stay tuned to how I rock this look with laces next week!

Love, peace, and sole!


Photos by my sister, Danica and brother, Blake

What I'm Wearing:

Puma velour tracksuit (I also love the jumpsuit)

Turtleneck (old)

H&M booties (similar)