From Heels To Laces: A Force Together

Manny, my Chicago photographer for JIMS, captured one of my most favorite images of Aaron, my husband, and I to date.  It's a candid and genuine image of Aaron helping me change shoes from heels to laces during my shoot.

This is not only an image of Aaron helping me change shoes but more importantly of what marriage has been for me.  This beautiful image showcases how I have had to die to my independence every day since the day I said "I do" to allow Aaron to help me grow into the person God is calling me to be.

Today's world suggests that women be strong and independent not depending on a man or anyone for that matter.  But, what I've come to understand is that it takes a strong person to admit and realize the need for others in their life.  

In marriage, I have discovered that independence is not the goal but interdependence is what I should be striving for.  Interdependence allows me to accept that yes, I can do life alone and be shaped and molded to be a better Destiney, but I can do more and be more when I join forces with the person God has given me to do life with.

Neyo put it best in the song Make Me Better when he said, "I'm a movement by myself.  But I'm a force when we're together.  Mami, I'm good all by myself. But baby, you, you make me better."  Yall remember that song!?

Dying to my independence, which I must admit was very hard for me to wrap my mind around before getting married, has made me better.  I'm grateful for the Destiney Aaron is helping me to become and the greater force that we are together.

And to you strong, independent, or even dependent women reading this, it's ok to join forces with those around you.  It may not be a husband, but maybe it's another family member, friend, church member, or coworker.  Allow them to be the help you need to become an even better you and accomplish even more.  God placed them in your life for a reason.

Cheers to joining forces.  May the force be with you!  (P.s. I know nothing about Star Wars.  I just thought that line was fitting for this post!)

Love, peace, and sole!


Photos by @kingzson

What I'm Wearing:

Rue21 Whitney Houston Graphic Tee

Rue21 High-waisted Distressed Jeans

Puma Tsugi Sneakers

Puma Fanny Pack

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