Outfits For The Non-shopper And The Busy Shopper

We all have events we need to find an outfit for from time to time.  But, not everyone likes to shop and for some, shopping can be very overwhelming.  Others of us are just too busy to shop.  However, it's just something you'll have to do at some point.  But don't worry, your Sole Sista is here to help!  There are a few clothing items you should aim to purchase to make life easier for you for your next event or your next shopping trip. 

1.) Dresses

-Dresses can sometimes be tricky to shop for but they make for a great outfit!

Why shop for dresses?

Once you find the right dress, you're pretty much done with the outfit.  All you need now is to find shoes and accessories, which you may already have in your closet.  There's no searching around for the perfect top to match the bottoms.  You save yourself time and money.

2.)  Rompers

-I love rompers!  They come in so many different styles from dressy to casual and anywhere in between.  

Why shop for rompers?

Just like dresses, once you find the right romper, you have your entire outfit minus shoes and accessories.  They are also usually more comfortable to wear because they're shorts.  The only downfall is having to go the restroom!  It's definitely a pain since it's an all-into-one but well worth it when you're looking super fab! 

3.)  Jumpsuits

-Ahhh jumpsuits!  They're the best!  Definitely one of my favorite items to purchase.

Why shop for jumpsuits?

Like rompers, jumpsuits come in a variety of styles.  Jumpsuits can also be super comfortable to wear especially if you don't like to wear your legs out.  Finding an all-into-one outfit saves you the time it would take to piece together a bunch of different items to make one outfit.  

4.)  Matching sets

-I get so excited when I find out an item has a matching piece to it!  Matching sets are just so fly to me!

Why shop for matching sets?

Matching sets are super versatile.  You can make multiple outfits out of the pieces of your matching set.  Of course you can wear the matching top and bottom together to make an outfit but you can also mix and match the pieces to make new outfits.  For the person who doesn't like to shop or is short on time, this kind of outfit is perfect for you!

I hope this helps all of my Sole Sistas who are non-shoppers or busy shoppers.  Leave any comments or questions below!

As always,

Love, peace, and sole!