Choosing Gratitude Over Complaining

As children, one thing we had to be taught to do was say thank you.  Saying thank you and being grateful was sadly not an innate characteristic of ours.  Yet, no one has ever had to teach us to complain and throw tantrums.  It was something that unfortunately came so natural to us.

I was recently sent a poem entitled Thankful for the Potholes.  The message of the poem was centered around gratitude.  The author of the poem honed in on the fact that we should choose to be thankful because there is SO much we can be thankful for.  Instead of complaining about the potholes, he was thankful for the potholes because it means he has a car to drive.

His simple poem of being thankful sparked something in me.  How much better of an attitude and mood would I be in if instead of complaining, I chose to be grateful?  Complaining just begets more complaining.  I realized that for every opportunity to complain about something, there was an equal counter opportunity to be grateful.

I can choose to complain about all the dishes I have to wash, or I can be grateful that dirty dishes mean I have food to eat.  I can choose to complain about paying bills, or I can be grateful that bills mean I have a roof over my head, electricity, and running water.  I can choose to complain about my alarm going off in the morning, or I can be grateful that hearing the alarm go off means I've lived to see another day.

So, what about you?  Will you choose to complain, or will you choose to be grateful?

Love, peace, and sole!


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