From Heels to Laces: Mixed Metallics

I have been a fan of mixing metallics since I started planning my wedding in 2014.  For my wedding, I went for a mix of metallics instead of the traditional two color scheme.  So, I have continued to take the mixed metallic trend into my everyday wear.  I found this rose gold bomber/cardigan at Nordstrom Rack and decided to mix it with metallic gold Adidas.  

When mixing rose gold with another metallic, I like to pair it with another soft or light metallic like gold or silver.  Make sure when you mix metallics, you allow just one of the metallics to greatly stand out.  It's not best to have a loud metallic top and loud metallic bottoms.  The last thing you want to do is look like a disco ball!  

As you can see in this outfit, I allowed my bomber to be the main metallic focal point.  Since the second metallic color is in my shoes, it separates the metallics and doesn't allow my shoes to overpower my bomber or vice versa.  

Tip: To keep the metallic colors from clashing, try to keep the mixed metallics in your top and in your shoes while everything else is neutral or in your bottoms and your shoes while everything else is neutral.  

Be sure to check out this look with heels if you haven't already.

Whether heels or sneakers, or anything in between, there's JOY in every SOLE!

Love, peace, and sole!


H.I.P. Rose Gold Bomber/ Topshop Sleeveless Ruffle TopH&M High Waist Distressed Denim/ Adidas Originals Superstar

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