From Heels To Laces: Matching Set

Feels like it's been FOREVER since I've done a From Heels to Laces look.  These looks are probably hands down my favorite looks to post.  So without further ado, let's get into today's look.

I am a sucker for matching sets.  They are one of the easiest outfits to put together because well, all the work is done for you.  You don't have to find a top to match the bottoms or find bottoms to match the top.  It's already decided for you!  Doesn't get much better than that right!?  

This particular matching set is easily my current favorite.  It is so chic and classy.  So much so that last Wednesday while watching Black-ish, my husband noticed that Tracee Ellis Ross was wearing this same outfit!  I mean, to have the same outfit as Tracee Ellis Ross is something least in my book!  Have you ever noticed how she dresses?  Let's just say #goals.  

Next time you are looking for something to wear to a particular event, go for a matching set.  It will save you time...maybe not money...but time.  Save yourself the stress of searching for the perfect top or bottom and look for separates that are made to go together.  

And let's just pause for a moment of silence for these Cinderella glass slippers.  I mean they are just BOMB!  If you follow me on Instagram, which by the way, you should be...just sayin lol, I posted a pic and I was contemplating sending them back.  I really think I could have used a size 7 but unfortunately they didn't have them and I had to get a 7.5.  Needless to say as you can see, I decided to keep them afterall and I'm glad I did!

When it comes to this look, would you slam it or jam it?  You know I want to know!  Leave your comment below!

Whether heels or sneakers, or anything in between, there's JOY in every SOLE!

Love, peace, and sole!


Photos by my sister Danica

TOP/BOTTOM- Zara //  HEELS- Urbanog (no longer available there but you can find them here)

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Stay tuned for this look with laces....