7 Ways to Wear Sneakers With a Skirt or Dress

One of my favorite ways to wear sneakers is with a dress or skirt.  Pairing a dress or skirt with sneakers adds the perfect amount of femininity.  The sneaker-dress look also proves just how versatile rockin laces can be.  So, without further ado,

Here's 7 ways to wear your sneakers with a skirt or a dress...

1.)  With Florals

-Pairing florals and sneakers is the perfect blend of feminine, casual, chic.

2.)  With Denim

-Whether it's a denim dress, skirt, top, or jacket, sneakers and denim ALWAYS work!

3.)  With Bodycon

-Ok, I have a confession, I pretty much can not stand anything bodycon.  If you're not familiar with bodycon, bodycon is a stretchy, form-fitting garment that can be in the form of a dress or skirt.  Though I'm not a huge fan of bodycon type of dresses, they actually work well with sneakers.  If you're not comfortable with showing all your curves, tie a shirt or jacket around your waist.

4.)  With Ruffles

-Believe it or not, ruffles and sneakers pair well together.  If you are a girly girl, even if you aren't, this is one of the best ways to wear your sneakers in a feminine way.

5.)  With a Maxi Dress

-Most times we think to wear maxi dresses with sandals but they can also be worn with laces.

6.)  With a Jersey

-I think it's safe to say that jerseys and jersey dresses are coming back and of course, you can easily wear these pieces with sneakers.

7.)  With Pleats

-Pleats are so schoolgirl-esque but pairing with sneakers can give the look a little "edge".

Love, peace, and sole!