7 Ways To Save Money On Sneakers

7 ways to save money on sneakers

I don't know about you, but I find sneakers to be quite expensive.  And if your bank account set up like my bank account set up, "you ain't got time for dat"!  Mmmkay?  Mmmkay.  So, with that being said, I'm helping you with some tips that I personally use to help me save money on my sneaker purchases.

If you have any other tips or tricks for the other Sole Sistas out there, leave them below in the comments.  

1.)  Buy kids' sizes aka grade school size.

-Kids' shoes are typically much cheaper than adult shoes, even if they are the same exact shoe.  Most kids' sneakers go up to a size 7 which is the equivalent to a women's size 9.  To find your size in kids' sizes, simply subtract the size you wear in women's by 2.  For example, I wear a 7.5/8 in women's sneakers.  So I typically wear a 6 in boys' sneakers.  

2.)  Sign up for emails.

- I know how annoying it is to have a mailbox full of promotional emails.  Trust me, I have a ton of them myself.  However, not all of those emails are worthy of ignoring.  When you're signed up for emails, you'll be the first to know about sales and sometimes you'll even be given special discount codes that are exclusive to email subscribers.  Also, many sites give an instant discount on your first purchase just for signing up for their emails.

3.)  Shop end of season sales.

-End of season sales are one, if not the best, times to shop.  Finishline is notorious for having a bomb end of season sale.  You can save SO much money on some super dope sneakers.  

4.)  Google the shoe name for the cheapest price.

-Whenever I find a shoe that I love that I don't love the price, I google the name of the shoe to see if I can find it on another site for cheaper.  Just because it's pricey on one site, doesn't mean it's not cheaper or even on sale on another site.  Do a bit of research and you may just find the shoe cheaper somewhere else.

5.)  Shop at stores such as Marshall's.

-If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I purchased a pair of Nike Cortez sneakers for a whopping $24.99!  I've found these same sneakers online for $70!  Umm no ma'am.  So, check your local Marshall's or TJ Maxx or even Ross.  However, y'all know that these stores are not all made equal.  If one Marshall's near you isn't that great, try another one.  You may find a totally different inventory that has more to offer.

6.)  Compare in store prices to online prices.

-I know we live in a day and age that loves convenience and loves to just click to shop.  But, as I mentioned above, sometimes finding items in store is much cheaper than it is online.  I've also found that prices can vary in store and online for the same store.  Sometimes there may be an online discount code but no sale in store, or vice versa, a sale in store but no sale online.

7.)  Search for coupons.

-Everytime I go into a store or shop online, I make sure to search for a coupon.  There are discounts and coupons out there that you may not be aware of.  Using tools like Ebates and Honey will also help you save money as well. 

Have more tips?  Share below!

Love, peace, and sole!