5 Tips For Shopping For Clothing Online

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Sooo I guess you would call me old-fashioned, but I actually would still rather shop in-store. I actually like the feeling I get of going into a store and really like the feeling I get when I walk out with a clothing item or shoe that I love. I personally rather touch, see, feel, and try on my clothes.

However, online shopping is super convenient and you can also find so many cute clothes, shoes, accessories etc. And since that is the case and many of you may love to shop online, let’s talk a few tips for making the best of your online shopping experience and some clothing sites for you to shop if you haven’t already.

1.) Know your measurements

-I have found the best way to choose which size actually works for me is to know my measurements and to pay close attention to the measurements noted in the details of the item on the site. This is especially critical when ordering from European sites. Their clothing tends to run smaller than American clothing and I usually have to size up.

2.) Read the return policy

-Before you purchase anything, make sure that you know if you can or can not return the item(s). The last thing you want is to be stuck with something you absolutely hate and can’t get your hard earned money back or at least a store credit. Also, pay attention to if you have to pay for the return shipping or if it’s free returns. For me, this is important because I don’t want to feel like I’m paying for the item twice by double paying for shipping. Therefore, I’m a big fan of free return shipping BUT this is not always the policy with online sites.

3.) Read the description of the item

-I have ordered items without really paying attention to what material the item was made of and got it in the mail only to realize that it was not the material I thought it was based on the picture. So, with that being said, read the description to know what material the item is made of, what color it is actually described as, and any other important feature of the clothing item.

4.) Read reviews

-If there are reviews about the item, do not overlook them, read them! It’s very helpful when an item has reviews on them. It gives you a realistic idea of how the item really fits, feels, and looks.

5.) Look for coupon codes

-Always look to see if there is a coupon for the site you are shopping. When those annoying pop-up boxes show up on your screen when you go to a site, don’t just quickly ignore it. Most times, they are offering you a percentage off for signing up for their email list. And I know, I, like many of you, don’t need not another email in my inbox! But, I’ll easily sign up for another email in my inbox if it means a discount for me. Also, don’t forget about coupon sites like RetailMeNot and cash back programs like Ebates to help you save coins as well.

Now that we’ve discussed some tips for shopping online, let’s get to shopping! Here are some sites that you may or may not have heard of that I personally like to shop or “window” shop from time to time. They have such cute and affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories!

1.) AQ/AQ

2.) Asos

3.) Bluefly

4.) Boohoo

5.) Hautelook

6.) Missguided

7.) NA-KD

8.) River Island

9.) Shein

10.) Storets

Happy shopping, Sole Sistas!

Love, peace, and sole!