5 Spring Shoe Trends To Try For 2017

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Last week, I shared with you Spring fashion trends that I'm currently loving and this week I'm sharing with you 5 Spring shoe trends that you should try.  You may have tried some of these but if you haven't tried any of these shoe trends, now is the time.  You can shop any of these items by clicking on the picture.

1.)  Florals

Flowers have made their way from clothing down to shoes.  Whether it's a shoe covered in a floral print or just a few embroidered flowers, this trend is perfect for Spring.

2.)  Mules

I must admit, it's taken me a minute to accept this trend.  At first I thought of these shoes as glorified house slippers or just plain ole old fashion shoes.  They have now grown on me and I'm actually liking this trend.

3.) Lucite

This is probably my favorite shoe trend as of lately.  I am loving lucite or clear shoes whether the shoe is mostly clear or just has some clear component to it.  I am here for all of it.  This trend has been around for a bit but it's currently making even more of a splash....at least in my book.  I particularly love the illusion that lucite shoes give.

4.)  Laceless Sneakers

Who likes tying shoes?  Really!?  No one.  That's why I am a fan of laceless sneakers.  My current go to sneaker is my laceless Puma Fierce sneakers.  There is no fuss and no worry.  Just slip them on and go!  They are so convenient so be sure to try out laceless sneakers.

5.)  Knit Sneakers

Seems like every major sneaker brand from Nike to Reebok now has a knit sneaker.  Knit sneakers are a lightweight, sock-like design providing great comfort and style.  They will be perfect for keeping your feet cool during the warmer months.

Hope you try any and/or all of these trends out.  Let me know below if you have tried or plan to try any of these shoe trends.

Whether heels or sneakers, or anything in between, there's JOY in every SOLE!

Love, peace, and sole!