10 Boot Trends to Try This Fall

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It's boot season and if you have joy in your soles like I have joy in mine (hehe), then you are just as excited about what's trending this fall for boots.  Since the year isn't over yet and we are still slaying for 2017, I have 10 boot trends that you should consider trying this fall and winter season.  

For those of you that have been trying to amp up your style, try one of these trends that you may not have ever considered trying before.  Step outside of the box, girlfriend!

1.)  White Boots

-Believe it or not, white boots are hot this season!  Forget the "no white after Labor Day" rule and rock a fab pair of white boots with dresses, skirts, jeans, etc.

2.)  Slouchy boots

-These "bunched up" boots have been so on trend.  They are available in a multitude of colors and textures and they pair really well with shorts, skirts and dresses.

3.)  Textured boots

-Whether velvet, suede, satin, denim, etc. boots of different fabrics and feels are perfect for fall.  Try any of these different textures in flat boots, booties, over the knee, or knee-high boots.

4.)  Patent leather booties

-You can not go wrong this fall with patent leather booties.  Dress up or dress down any outfit with a shiny pair of patent booties.  

5.)  Kitten heel booties

-Yep, kitten heels have made a comeback.  I'm actually pretty surprised to see kitten heels back like they never left.  If you want kind of a heel but not really a heel, then this is the boot for you.  Kitten heels are great for those of you who want to be on the dressier side but still want to be more comfortable.

6.)  Sock Booties

-Sock booties are pretty much just like a sock.  They are tight at the ankle and conform to your foot like a sock.  They typically are in a stretchy type of material so that they fit snug on your foot and ankle.

7.)  Thigh High Boots

-Any boot over the knee is still in style and on trend this fall/ winter season especially thigh high boots.  They pair very well with shorter dresses or skirts.  Thigh high boots are a great way to keep you warm while you're wearing those skirts or dresses in cooler weather and a great way to spice up your outfit.

8.)  Chunky Heel Boots

-I'm a huge fan of boots and booties that have a chunkier heel.  A chunky heel makes it easier to walk in the shoe and it's often much more comfortable than a skinnier heel.  If you aren't a heels kind of gal because they tend to hurt your feet or you can't walk in them very well, then this is your type of shoe.

9.)  Metallic Boot

-Bring some shine on gloomy, chilly fall and winter days with a metallic heel.  A metallic boot will add spice and flare to the simplest of outfits.

10.)  Embellished Boots

-Boots and booties have kicked it up a notch with embellishments such as pearls, beads, and gems.  Embellishments add a feminine and fancy flare to any boot and bootie.

Have you tried any of these trends yet?  You may just see me try 1 or 2 of these here on JIMS or over on my Instagram.  We'll see!

Until then...

Love, peace, and sole!